Catherine Steininger, M.A., Clinical PSY - Program Manager |


Catherine currently facilitates court approved 52 DV Batterers Groups in Santa Barbara County. She also serves as a community liaison between BIP clients Santa Barbara County Probation and Santa Barbara County Court and judicial officers. Catherine has been the county-wide program director at AMS for 5 years and is a certified BIP facilitator by Santa Barbara County Probation.

​Catherine's training includes:

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) by Santa Barbara County Probation
  • Cognitive-Behavioral approaches for groups, families and individuals
  • ​Attachment, and Neuroscience with Stan Tatkin, Psy.D
  • Non-Violent Communication Skills by Marshall Rosenberg
  • 40HR Domestic Violence certified by Domestic Violence Solutions
  • 40HR Sexual Assault Advocacy certified by Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center
  • Trauma-Sensitivity and Trauma Resiliency in shelters
  • Restorative Justice Practices and Cultural Sensitivity Services
  • Gestalt Play Therapy with Violet Oaklander

​Catherine received her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Santa Barbara Antioch University in 2006 and is pre-licensed. Having worked as a BIP and crisis counselor at Domestic Violence Solutions for 12 years, she has gained extensive counseling experience in outpatient and residential settings providing individuals education, emotional safety in individual and group counseling settings. Catherine also trained and responded to 24/hr Rape Crisis and DV hotline calls to provide immediate support for survivors and their children while collaborating with law enforcement. She quickly moved to the outreach program director position in which ​she trained, taught and supervised 40HR DV training certification in Santa Barbara County.

Catherine has expertise working with:

  • Domestic Violence BIP Offenders [Batterer Intervention Program]
  • ​Anger Management Skills for couples and families
  • Domestic Violence survivors
  • Victim Witness Compensation
  • Sexual Assault Survivors
  • Anxiety and depressive disorders
  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder [PTSD]​
  • Mood Disorders and Personality Disorders

​​​Catherine is a current member of CAMFT. Also is the coordinator of the Pro-Youth Movement [PYM] group lead by City Council Women Cathy Murillo and is a board advisory member for "What is Love" teen programs. 


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