"Dedicated to helping people cultivate healthy and peaceful relationships"




​AMS is dedicated to provide learning opportunities to men and women to enhance their confidence, competence and clarity to navigate toward their full potential without anger and violence. ​Using evidence-based cognitive behavioral approaches, our program's goal is to eliminate violence in your home and in your relationships. We assist you to re-evaluate belief systems and behaviors that are considered abusive. We teach you how to express yourself and get your needs met in healthier manners, and create peaceful relationships with the people you care about, and everyone else.

OUR BRAIN and trauma

AMS understands that aggressive behaviors may be sourced in anxiety mixed with unresolved recent and old traumatic experiences. We support positive growth, and assist you developing awareness around old wounds to repair them.​​ AMS is committed to use cutting edge mind and brain research, and evidence-based cognitive behavioral tools to guide you.  Good news! You can learn new healthier ways to connect with yourself and others while stopping the drama-cycle in your lives. 

​​Research shows that our brain completes its maturation at around the age of 26. It also shows that optimal brain development (especially during childhood) occurs in environments where predictable, empathic caregivers display consistent non-shaming structured routines.  In our programs, adult men and women can become the “architect of their own brain” and they in turn, pass it on to their children by modeling balanced emotional experiences. By feeling safe internally, and properly supported at home, children and adults can practice learned ways to enhance the range of prefrontal/thinking skills to self-regulate and make safer decisions.

The result is an individual who has greater sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy. This translates directly into focused commitment which is the key element of lasting change. When we feel good about ourselves we want to do more of of what works to feel good again!

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