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AMS provides comprehensive supportive programs to assist with Emotional Dysregulation, Stress Management, Post Trauma Stress Disorder. AMS is dedicated to provide learning opportunities to men and women to enhance their confidence, competence and clarity to navigate toward their full potential without anger and violence. ​

Using evidence-based and trauma informed approaches, our program's objective is to eliminate violence in your home and relationship, mediate the emotional and mental states that support such behaviors, teach you to express yourself in a healthy manner, and recreate peaceful relationships with your loved ones. 

With a foundation of honesty, fairness and integrity, we are committed to creating a safer community of men and women who support one another. AMS is committed to social changes, education and prevention of abuse.


​AMS is an organization that uses successful ​approaches for positive growth, development and transformation.​​ We are committed to staying apprised of, and utilizing cutting edge mind/brain research to inform and guide our clientele. We ​take an interdisciplinary team approach where neuroscience provides guidance and personal connection and care offers support.

Research shares that the last phase of brain development, particularly that of the corpus 
callosum completes its maturation at around the age of 26. Research also established that optimal mind/brain development occurs in environments where predictable empathic caregivers guide repeated structured routines, social emotional skill building opportunities in emotionally and physically safe settings. Then the thing most hoped for begins to happen; men and women become the “architect of their own brain” as they increasingly use the skills, implementing the structure on his own, allowing them to move forward independently developing a range of prefrontal/thinking skills through the gift of focused attention.

The result is an individual who has greater capacity for focused attention, which brings a sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy, which translates directly into commitment, the key elements of lasting change. When an individual experiences ​success they typically want to do that which brings satisfaction.



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