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​​​​​​​The clients will be provided with a workbook, handouts, and questionnaires to personalize and apply the tools of anger management in their everyday lives. Furthermore, the clients are given an opportunity to participate and try new skills in class through open discussion and feedback. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the program. Graduates are invited to continue individual sessions as a “tune-up” if needed.  

The goals of our Programs are: 
To become aware of:

  • anger is a hard-wired reaction for survival when triggered 
  • the connection between compacted stress and anger
  • understand the Cycle of Anger and Shame
  • ​understand inter-generational transmission of violence
  • the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behavior
  • high cost of inappropriate demonstration of aggression
  • alcohol and drug use are factors but NOT the cause of violence
  • how violence impacts children who witness/experience it

To enhance his/her skills in:

  • recognizing patterns of Aggressive behaviors
  • non-Violent Communication Skills, assertive communication as an alternative to inappropriate outbursts or denial, empathy, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, stress management, and forgiveness.
  • rational thinking and impulse control 
  • how to respond to triggers in appropriate ways vs. reacting
  • practice safe "Time-Out" strategies 
  • Non-Violent Communication Skills
  • Learn to receive feedback in a positive manner without defensiveness​​​

We also provide a confidential environment for individual to learn how to deal with emotional dysregulation, eliminate anger issues in your home and relationship, express yourself in a healthy manner, and recreate peaceful relationships with your loved ones.​ CALL OR TEXT US TODAY 805-242-2502

If you are convicted of a DV charge, you may be required to complete a  class, regardless of whether your Domestic Violence action sprouted from anger or not. This 26-week course is rooted in developing skills that will help you manage your anger so that you can live a safer/healthier and productive life while simultaneously developing better relationships with your family, friends, and loved ones. The program includes non-violent communication skills, conflict resolution and stress management, while enhancing overall life balance and well-being.  The program uses evidence-based S.T.O.P program (Specialized Treatment for Optimized Programming provides comprehensive lessons and trauma  informed  approaches. All clients will be required to do homework and in-class exercises. All Voluntary clients are welcomeCALL OR TEXT US TODAY 805-242-2502


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Anger management courses are frequently ordered by the court system in criminal, as well as family law cases. There are a variety of reasons why a judge orders a person to take anger management classes. The individual may have been charged with an assault against a person or property damaged that occurred while angry. Our anger management programs are generally psycho-educational programs that provide information about how to effectively manage anger while identifying the triggers and how to react rationally. Any voluntary clients are welcome. CALL OR TEXT US TODAY 805-242-2502

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