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Conflict is tricky. It can seem to come from nowhere, or it can be brewing under the surface for weeks. Maybe the arguments between people may be long, drawn-out, and exhaustive but feel circular or unresolved. Maybe they explode so quickly that you aren’t even sure what happened—or maybe they never escalate to more than a blip on the radar. Perhaps only one of you even thinks you’re in conflict, while the other is unaware. However conflict is present and, odds are there’s room for improvement.

We are dedicated to provide learning opportunities to men and women for them to understand where painful triggers come from without using verbal and physical violence. ​We also provide efficient tools to help modulate anger using evidence-based cognitive behavioral skills. Our program's goal is to reduce and eliminate verbal and physical violence in all your relationships. We assist you to re-evaluate belief systems and behaviors that are probably contributing to abusive behaviors. We also address inter-generational shame messages which keeps us stuck in drama cycles. You will learn to express yourself in healthier manners, and create connections, all in harmony with the people you care about, and everyone else.

We understand that aggressive behaviors may be sourced in anxiety mixed with unresolved recent and old traumatic experiences. When experiencing a "perceived" threat or shame, some brains are programmed to flood with intense emotions: Some people lash out aggressively, some will freeze out of fear. Our reptilian brain will automatic self-preserve even if "no real threat is present". We will assist you developing awareness around old wounds to understand and cope with them.​​ We use cutting edge brain research, and evidence-based cognitive behavioral tools to guide you. 
The GOOD NEWS IS you can learn new ways to connect with yourself and others while stopping the inner-trauma-cycle in your lives. In our programs, clients can become a better version of themselves and in turn, model it to their children and end the inter-generational cycle of abuse and shame. 

The result is a greater sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy. You will receive constructive feedback and support in class in ways that maybe was not provided to you earlier. This translates directly into focused commitment which is the key element of lasting change. When we feel good about ourselves we want to do more of what works to feel good again and again!



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