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ONLINE 2HR GROUP - Court Mandated Program

​This is a Domestic Violence Court mandated Program. ​AB109 Welcome!
If you are convicted of a Domestic Violence charge, you may be required to complete classes, regardless if your action came from physically anger or not. The Domestic Violence Course is a weekly, 2-hour group session, using the video camera on a phone, tablet or computer. You will see and talk to other clients during the session. You will be required to complete weekly assignments from evidence-based S.T.O.P curriculum. (STOP provides safe skills that will help you manage intense emotions so that you can live an healthier life your family, friends, and loved ones.

As specified in California Penal Code Section 1203.097 (c)(1)(F) promote cultural, ethnic, sexual orientation and class sensitivity. The Online Session provides group interaction for thorough exploration and understanding of relevant themes, including:

  • Forms of abuse; physical, emotional, sexual, economic, property destruction, and acts jeopardizing the safety of others
  • Abuse, battering, and DV as defined in the CA Penal Code
  • Techniques for reshaping attitudes and behavior.
  • Power and control within intimate relationships
  • Misguided beliefs about anger and abusive behavior
  • The destructive impact on victims and witnesses of DV
  • Gender roles and Socialization
  • The nature of violence
  • The dynamics of power and control
  • The effects of abuse on victim and Children
  • Learner Accountability
  • Reshaping behaviors, language, and beliefs associated with DV
  • Respect for others and Empathy enhancement

Court progress reports will highlight your successes or failures that include but is not limited to your:
Attendance (must attend regularly to remain compliant)

  • Absences (excused or not excused)
  • Fees paid and outstanding balance
  • Level of class participation​





ONLINE 2HR GROUP - Voluntary, Self, attorney , CWS, pre-trial or Court referred

This course is open to self-referred voluntary clients, CWS and  pre-trial recommendations. ​​
Anger management courses are frequently ordered by the court system in criminal, as well as family law cases. There are a variety of reasons why a judge orders a person to take anger management classes. The individual may have been charged with an assault against a person or property damaged that occurred while angry and completing this course may be a  result to a reduced sentence or to close a case. This Course is a weekly, 2-hour group session, using the video camera on a phone, tablet or computer. The facilitator and participants see and talk to one another during the session. You will be required to complete weekly assignments from S.T.O.P curriculum .
Not Court Related, Voluntary, Self, or pre-trial referred 

We provide a confidential environment for individuals, and couples to learn how to deal with emotional challenges, how eliminate anger explosions in your home and relationships, express yourself in a healthy manner, and recreate peaceful relationships with your loved ones.​ ​​​You will be required to complete weekly assignments from S.T.O.P curriculum . Private sessions rate vary.  Any voluntary clients, couples, families are welcome and do not need to be court referred!. ​​

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