"Thank you for being there for men . A lot of men have nobody to talk to or go to . I seen this program be a safe place for certain people to open up and let some stress out that they have been holding in their entire life . Thank you for seeing the good in everyone and not looking down on us for our circumstances" JS — Lompoc CA, 4/2023

"Thank you Catherine.  I learned a lot and have made a lot of positive changes from the group.  I am a more peaceful & happy person now.  You have a wonderful program that creates a place that makes us all feel safe & supported.  Thanks for helping to make Santa Barbara & the Central Coast the special place that it is".
JT — Santa Barbara CA, 1/2023

​"I really like the contents and the discussions, the explanations and the videos. I also liked it very much that you, the counselor connected humanly with all of us, in a way that you also included yourself as an actor to most, if not all, of our behaviors that brought us to this legal situation. Facilitators are very kind and sympathetic without judgement, bold and discrete and overall very human. I've had therapy most of my life and I can truly say without fear of mistake that you have been my best therapist I've dealt with ever. MK — Santa Maria CA Nov, 2021​​

"I learned so much from your course, so much that I don’t think I would’ve otherwise learned if I didn’t do this. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more stable and I want to thank AMS for that. I’m also very proud of myself for my dedication and willingness to open up about everything and really take in all of the material."
AS — Los Angeles, CA 2021

​​​​"I liked how I was open to talk openly in a safe environment. I liked how I was able to see other males point of views and similar struggles, knowing that I wasn’t alone. My teacher Catherine is amazing , she’s extremely kind, and thoughtful. She offers a lot of insight and I have the upmost respect for her. 
​JZ. — Santa Barbara, CA 2021

"Thank you all! It was really nice being in that class. AMS helped me figure out more about myself and find what could have triggered my actions that night and how to recognize them. Big thank you for being an amazing program!" LA — Austin, TX, 2021

​"Thank you for your help, AMS has really made me take a very hard look at my actions and own self destruction towards myself and others around me at the time of my divorce. How I pushed my friends and family away so i could isolate and be mean, now today i am a way nicer person with a optimistic view on situations and life. I now can talk to my ex - THANK YOU.” PS. — Los Angeles, CA 2020

“I appreciated the information that was presented, it is enlightening relatable and even in my early stage in program, it has come to be useful, and has been used to avoid some recent possible uncomfortable situations just in the time I have started. That's all – Practical use is a good example of learning. Thank you!” M L. — Santa Barbara, CA 2018

​"I attended group for a year not knowing what to expect. I was scared and not wanting to be there... Well, I am so grateful today that I did. I now know what it means to take care of myself and have healthy boundaries with others. Thank you" - GM— Santa Barbara, CA 2018

​"I want to thank AMS for saving my life! Today I am in a one year healthy relationship, I am sober and have reconnected with my family. Thank you you have made a big difference in my personal life!!" - CB — Santa Maria, CA 2017

"I want to thank AMS for saving my life! Today I am in a one year healthy relationship, I am sober and have reconnected with my family. Thank you, you have made a big difference in my personal life!!" - CT — Lompoc, CA. 2016

"I wish to thank my counselor. I learned so much in this class and it really helped me a lot. I understand things better that changed me how I do things now a whole different way" - JW — Santa Maria, CA. 2015


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