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​Domestic Violence and Anger Management Court Certified Programs for Santa Barbara County 


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The STOP Domestic Violence Program integrates innovative interventions and client-centered guidelines to treat domestic violence offenders. Developed and field-tested for over twenty-five years among military and civilian populations internationally, the program offers therapists, social workers, and other counselors sound, psychologically-based interventions.

The sessions provided in the curriculum address the effect of trauma on domestic violence, survivor guilt, the use of mindfulness and gratitude’s, and intimacy training—as well as a supplementary program that integrates a substance abuse focus into treatment. The curriculum is a 26-week psycho-educational format which includes skills, training exercises, articles, video clips, handouts, homework, and other resources that push participants to examine the role of shame and aggression and provide tools to manage the powerful relationship issues with which they struggle.

The STOP Program includes Facilitator Training Manual, handouts, and homework that are integrated with the STOP Domestic Violence Program. The handouts are critical to keeping group members actively engaged in overcoming their abusive tendencies. Each participant will require their own set of Handouts and Homework and will be required to bring with them to each group session. The Program reflects the ongoing integration of new research, creative interventions, and trial-and-error. Below the sessions include the following themes:

  • Effect of trauma on domestic violence (specifically several new interventions focusing on the PTSD/DV connection)
  • Imaginary Crimes, Survivor Guilt, and Domestic Violence
  • “Hostile Interpretations” (based on research about aggressive and criminogenic attitudes)
  • Guidelines for “Good Men”
  • Mindfulness & Gratitude’s (based on contemporary research about generating positive affect and attitude
  • Intimacy Training (several new sessions with new skills for empathy, revealing personal information, etc., including The NEW Relationship Respect Contract)

Video clips and articles have been added to generate structured discussions about specific topics. Based on innovative new trends in treating substance abuse issues concurrently with domestic violence, a supplementary program to integrate a “Level II” substance abuse focus on domestic violence treatment, when indicated.

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